what is brotherhood


Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) is a spiritual movement emanating from Africa, and is also known as Christ’s Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity.

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, is the Chairman of BCS Executive Council and Head of Administration BCS World wide. He is the son of its original Founder, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

BCS aims amongst other things to promote, advance and propagate the Christian religion by the study and teaching of the Bible, to relieve poverty, suffering and distress, advance education, and carry out charitable activities beneficial to the community.

BCS is more comprehensive and inclusive than a Church. It embraces not only Christians but also people of every religion and of none. In Nigeria, a country currently torn apart by conflict between Christians and Muslims, it has been playing a vitally important part in the work of peace and reconciliation. Grounded in Biblical teachings about justice and love, it takes a strong moral stand against the greed, corruption and violence that is now so pervasive not only in Africa but throughout the entire world.

BCS’ concept of ‘brotherhood’ is much broader than that of most religions, as it encompasses not only human beings, but also all members of the animal kingdom. It seeks to put into practice the idea of Reverence for Life that is to be found in some of the great faiths of the East. Unusually for a movement that first became manifest in Africa, it advocates vegetarianism.

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• Morning Devotion
• Flag off of Salt of the Earth
• Carnival float by ABAS International
• Universal Women Fellowship with The Father

Tuesday 15th April, 2014
• Morning Devotion
• Evangelism by Crusade Fellowship
• Choral performance
• Universal Men’s Fellowship with the Father

Wednesday, 16th April, 2014
• Morning devotion
• Evangelism by the spirited, CNTM & 144,000
• Public lecture
• Choral performance
• General Fellowship with the Father
• Selection of the 12 Disciples

Thursday 17th April, 2014
• Morning Devotion
• General fasting (6am-6pm)
• Public lecture
• Open Kitchen by Int Mercy Fellowship
• CNCF Fellowship with the Father

Friday 18th April, 2014
• Morning Devotion
• International Choral Competition
• The RE-enactment of the covenant of Salt
• The institution of the everlasting Chain of help
• Exhibition, BCS Museum

Saturday 19th April, 2014 (Grand Finale)
• Offering of the temple sacrifice on the Altar of purification
• Worship by 24 Elders
• Sunday 20th April, 2014
• Easter Sunday

Monday 21st April, 2014
• Easter Monday (outpouring of the Holy Spirit)